Climate-Controlled Storage in Greensboro, North Carolina

We know how much your valuable items mean to you. That’s why AAA Self Storage at Battleground Rd in British Woods offers climate-controlled spaces that provide an optimal environment for the things that matter most. These units keep the temperature and humidity levels inside your unit within a set range. With the volatile weather in North Carolina, you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Why Climate Control?

Are you storing precious family photos that date back generations? Perhaps you need somewhere to store treasured artwork that you just don’t have the wall space for? Or maybe you need a place to store your guitar between jam sessions? Those are just a few examples of items that make great candidates for a climate-controlled self storage unit. Other prime candidates for this specialized type of storage include electronics, important business files, wooden or leather furniture, outdoor gear, or anything you’re storing long-term. 

Not sure if climate control is the right choice for your things? Contact our experts in Greensboro, near Westridge Rd, and they’ll help you make the right call.